Oct 31, 2012

Preparing for my FIRST contest!!

(NOTE: This is not the contest itself! Leaving a comment on this post will not enter you in the contest!)

Hey Everyone!

I am going to be preparing for my first contest very soon! I am super excited to announce this, as it will be a major step for my blog!

It won't be anything too involved, just leaving a comment with your name!

I can't announce what the prize will be yet, but I can tell you this- It's directly from the American Girl website, new and never used, and super fun!

I hope you guys will love it, and I'm loving that I'm going to really be opening up a whole new experience for myself for blogging!

Talk to you guys soon,

Until then- Ciao!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

So, before you head out to go trick-or-treating tonight, here's a costume you can pull together in under a half hour- for your doll! This cute mummy costume uses supplies you already have in your house (or that you can get at any local drugstore) and a few pieces of doll clothing. If your looking for the perfect halloween cosutume to take your doll trick-or-treating in, or to any halloween event you might be attending, this is the costume for you!

You'll need:
A black or white outfit
Double-stick tape
Toilet paper

 Step 1: Put together an all black (or white) outfit for your doll. I'm using the black jumpsuit from the old skating set, and the white slippers from the old gymnastics set. Don't worry about ruining your AG clothes- the "mummy wrap" will come right off when you're done!

Step 2: Rip off a piece of double stick tape however long you like (mine was around 6 inches) and stick it onto a strip of toilet paper, making sure there are no bubbles or creases.

Step 3: Rip the toilet paper around the edges of the piece of tape, so that you'll be left with a strip of tape that is covered in toilet paper on one side, and stick on the other. Don't worry about making it perfect- that's the fun of it!

Step 4: Put the outfit on your doll. Take your tape strip and stick it anywhere on the outfit, so it looks like it's being wrapped around your doll. Repeat steps 2-3 multiple times to create a wrapped mummy look. You can use as many or as few strips as you want. You can also use strips of different lengths for variation.

 Step 5: Make a strip that is 18 inches long. (you can use your doll to measure this- your strip should be as tall as your doll) Cover both sides of the strip, leaving a 1 inch "tail" completely uncovered.

Step 6: Wrap the strip around your doll's head, and use the tail to secure in the back. (I put her hair up for this just to keep it from getting tangled in the tape, and so I could see better). The double sided tape will stick the the headband on one side, and the back of your doll's neck on the other side, so the headband will stay in place. The tail long piece sticking out at the end makes it look like your doll's mummy wraps are "unraveling"! If you don't like this, you can just cut it off.

 Here's your finished product! This project, including gathering supplies and stopping every two minutes to take photos only took me about 35 minutes! (So, if you subtract the time it took me to take the 14 photos I used in this shoot, I say it'll take you 30 minutes or less!) I hope you love it as much as I do!

Have a happy and safe Halloween, and I'll see you soon!

Oct 2, 2012

New Fall Items!

Hi Everyone! There are a few new items out for fall/winter (Already! Summer goes by too fast!) I just wanted to review the few new pieces, starting with the JLY items:

(NOTE: I am leaving Caroline Abbot out of this post because everything of hers is new! If you would like to see all of her wonderful collection head down to www.americangirl.com)

2-in-1 Ice Skating Outfit: This set includes an ice blue leotard, matching skirt, shrug wrap, leggings, one pair of ice skates, and a pair of skate guards. Being a past ice skater myself, this outfit has a very realistic feel to it. The jewels on the leotard and skirt are cute, but a little "cheap" looking. I LOVE the shrug and leggings though! Those are the best part! The skates and guards are also very true-to-life.
Casual Chic Outfit: This outfit includes a sweater, corduroy pants, slip-on shoes, and a knit hat. I like the fit-n-flare style of the sweater, and the pants look more like a light denim than corduroy, but I haven't seen them in person, only online. The shoes are cute but look a little pointy at the toe. As for the hat, I'm not sure if I love it or hate it! I'll have to see it on a doll in person to decide.

 Pretty Pink Coat Set: This set includes a a long fancy pink coat and knee high boots with ribbon accents. I love this set! The colors work so well together, and the bows and fur trim are adorable. The boots are a matte finish and the bows are metallic, so they play off nicely. One of my favorite sets!
 Purple Party Outfit: This outfit includes a fancy party dress, black tights, faux leather shoes with bow details, and a triple-stacked bow headband. This dress is beyond adorable- except for one minor detail. The tulle under the skirt that makes it nice and puffy is emerald green, not black. I don't think that's the most attractive combination (purple and green). Besides that, the dress and bow detail are darling. The headband is soooooo cute, and the tights are fine, but I'd like the outfit better without them. The shoes don't match the color of the dress and I think fight with the outfit a bit. Unfortunately, this outfit is a miss for me.
Holiday Accessories: This set includes a ruffled shrug, two pretend tickets to The Nutcracker, a Nutcracker doll, and a bracelet watch. These accessories pair nicely with either the Purple Party Outfit (above) or the Rosy Red Outfit (below). The shrug is lovely, and the nutcracker doll is a true keepsake. The bracelet watch doesn't work but is cute, and the tickets add a nice touch. 
Rosy Red Outfit: This outfit includes a red party dress with flower accent, matching shoes, and a red rhinestone headband. This party outfit is just gorgeous! The dress if the perfect shape, and I love the shoulder detailing. The matching shoes are spot-on, and the headband adds a nice polished touch. I would 100% wear this, and it's a total win in my book! 

Reindeer PJ's: This outfit includes a graphic top, matching pajama pants, fuzzy pink slippers, and a reindeer antler headband. This is one of the cutest holiday pajama sets AG has released in years! The color is perfect with the pink contrast stitching, and the graphic is super sweet! The matching pants graphic is perfect, the slippers are amazing, and oh my goodness- THE HEADBAND! The reindeer antler headband is just sooooooooo fantastic with the outfit. It ties it all together.
Soft-as-Snow Outfit and Earmuffs: This outfit includes a ribbed sweater, leggings, a feather skirt, and fleece lined boots. You can also purchase the big, furry earmuffs separately. This outfit is extremely fashionable, and the feather skirt is to die for- my favorite part of this set! The earmuffs are cute too, as well as the sweater. The boots are good, but I wish they were also all white- that way they'd have an all white outfit. The sweater and leggings are extremely versatile, and can be worn with many different dresses/pants/skirts.
Snowboard Outfit: This outfit includes a snowboarding jacket, snow-pants, socks and mittens. The jacket is cute, but not my colors, as are the pants. Khaki is not the "girly-ist" of colors. The old snowboarding set was much more colorful. It's okay, but definitely not a favorite. I do like the button closures on the jacket, however.
 Snowboard and Gear: This set includes a snowboard, boots, snowboard goggles and a helmet. Following the theme of the outfit, there's a lot of khaki in this set. I really like the goggles and helmet, and the snowboard actually has a really cute design. Again, the boots are khaki- I don't love it, but they're not awful. Not a win, but for sure not a lose either. Just neutral on this one.
Winter Chalet: This chalet room includes a bench, mug, winter poster, light-up fireplace, and wreath. It's a little expensive for just a sitting room. You would expect to be able to seat more than one doll in it for the price. It's a nice accessory of you have the extra money, but if not you can get a other (in my opinion, nicer) things for much less.

Dreamy Nightstand Set: This set includes a real wooden nightstand with a working drawer, and includes a tissue box, real working lamp, pretend glass of water, abridged version of bored no more! book, pretend lotion, and a rug. The nightstand look very sturdy and like a very quality item. The accessories are so cute, and the drawer helps to store things when your not using them, which helps to keep them from getting lost. It's super cute, and will go well with the daybed, or any other bed for that matter! Maybe it can also be used as an end table for a couch or chair?

This item is not being advertised with their new items, but was a lucky find on their webpage. AG is known to have outfits that they only display when you search a little, and this is what I found:

Sugar & Spice Baking Set: This set includes a pretend gingerbread house, faux chocolate, candy canes, gumdrops, frosting pastry bag, and sprinkles, apron and a santa hat.
Considering AG has just released their new historical doll, Caroline Abbot, they have not come out with any new historical doll items with their fall release. My guess is to draw the historical-doll-loving crowd towards their new items, and not steal any thunder from Caroline. 

They do have a few new books and activity books out. They have also released new doll "play sets" that include scenery and accessories for various places, such as a diner or a theatre. They're a little pricey, but for girls who want a realistic-looking doll scene they are the perfect thing. The best part is that they are foldable, so they are easy to take along wherever you go! 

I will list titles for everything new in their bookshop, as well as links, but not pictures. 

Play Sets:

Deluxe Diner Set: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/228757/uid/426

First -Class Flight Set: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/228758/uid/426

Spotlight Stage Set: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/228759/uid/426

Activity Books:

Doll Star: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217521/uid/426

Scribble, Squiggle & Sketch: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217523/uid/426

Bored No More! Quiz Book: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217527/uid/426

This or That? Quiz Book: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217528/uid/426

Picture Yourself Here: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217525/uid/426

For Girls:

The Big Book of Happy: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217529/uid/426

Slumber Wonders: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217524/uid/426

InnerStar University:

Bound for Snow: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217522/uid/426

Quick Change: http://store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/item/id/217532/uid/426

That's everything for now! Hope you guys love everything in the new collection as much as I do! Hopefully, I'll get around to a Caroline Abbott post soon! They have so many new beautiful things in her collection, and I just love her! Also, I MUST do a finished organization post! I really cannot wait to share my organization and storage tips and tricks with you! Again, hopefully those will come soon! Until then, have a great fall!