Sep 26, 2012

Giveaway on!!

Hey everyone-

There's a super great giveaway going on at! To go to the entry page, go to:
You can win a 4 piece bedding set (blanket, 2 accent pillows and one sleeping pillow) that is valued at $25 USD for free! There will be ONE winner chosen at random.

The basic guidelines are to go to the giveaway page and post which bedding set is your favorite of the ones being sold by this girl on (The link to her Etsy page is on the entry page). You then post a comment on the entry page... that's all! Super simple and SOOOO worth the two minutes it takes to enter!

Here are some rules, and info about EXTRA ENTRIES (more chances to win!):

-Post it on your blog (hence, this post!)
-Post it in a forum
-Tweet about the contest
-Share link to contest entry page with your friends on Facebook
-Like them on Facebook
-Follow their's and the "sponsor"'s boards on Pinterest
-Follow their Instagram
**(more info on this and links to pages on the entry page)

-Deadline is OCTOBER 2, 2012 (midnight)
-Must be 13 or older or have parent/adult permission

That's all for now and good luck to you! Wish me luck too!

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