Dec 29, 2011

McKenna Brooks is Here!

The American Girl: Girl of the Year 2012 has been available to the public for a few days now, but I just thought I'd tell everyone about her anyways!

Name: McKenna Brooks
Lives in: Seattle, Washington, USA
Hair Color: Caramel (red-brown)
Eye Color: Blue
Talent: Gymnastics
Release Date: January 1st, 2012

McKenna Doll (dressed in outfit included with purchase of doll) and McKenna book, the first of the two-part series.
It is currently believed they will be creating a McKenna Movie. (As they did for Chrissa, GOTY 2009) There will be two books available, Meet McKenna (pictured above) and McKenna, Ready To Fly! Both are written by Mary Casanova. In addition to the usual books, there will be a girl activity book, Take The Challenge! where girls can challenge both themselves and others with fun and exciting new tasks.

Take the Challenge! Book, available January 2012. Companion book to Girl-of-the-Year McKenna.

There will be additional items available for purchase. While I am not entirely sure of  all of the products that will be available, a few pictures of items have been posted on other blogs. 

McKenna at Shooting Star Gym. This is her training gym. 

ITEMS FOR SALE (in picture above)*
- McKenna Doll
- Parallel Bars
- Gym Mats
- Gym Accessories

    McKenna training at Shooting Star Gym

ITEMS FOR SALE (in picture above)*
- McKenna Doll
- Parallel Bars
- Gym Mats
- Balance Beam
- Gymnastics Outfit

McKenna in her room, ready for bed

ITEMS FOR SALE (in picture above)*
- McKenna Doll                                       
- Bed/Desk Set
-Dog and Bed (I don't know the name yet!)
- McKenna's Pajamas
- Cast and Crutches Set 

* All items are subject to vary in availability, and there is always a possibility any item(s) shown will not be sold at all.

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