Feb 23, 2012

New American Girl Spring Release!

As Spring is approaching fast, American Girl has put out their new Spring items! There are items available in all doll categories (American Girl, Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins) as well as items for girls! I'm going to be showing you ALL* of the new items for ages 8+ American Girl Dolls! (Historical and JLY)


Julie's Treasure Tote


Kit's Treasure Tote


Rebecca's Treasure Tote
The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery

Cécile & Marie Grace:

Cécile's Treasure Tote
Glassware and Treats
Lacy Parasol
Courtyard Furniture**
 Cécile Summer Outfit**
 Marie-Grace Summer Outfit**
 Marie-Grace's Treasure Tote
The Cameo Necklace: A Cécile Mystery
 The Hidden Gold: A Marie-Grace Mystery
(** These items are available for a limited time only- while supplies last!)


Molly's Treasure Tote

Josefina's Treasure Tote


Samantha's Treasure Tote

Just Like You:

Great Outdoors Tent
 Hiking Accessories
 Hiking Outfit
 Lacrosse Outfit + Gear
 Pet Hiking Set
 Petals and Posies Outfit
 Tankini and Sarong
Hope you love the new spring items as much as I do! Post again Later!

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