Apr 8, 2012

Spring- Breaking and Cleaning!

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't posted in, well, FOREVER! I've been Super busy (yes, capital "s" super busy) with getting ready for spring break, and the spring holidays! It feels great to be posting again!

As I mentioned before, I am currently cleaning and organizing my AG stuff- everything from the living space to the clothes to the separation of modern clothes vs. historical clothes (slightly OCD about keeping them separate...) and all of their furniture and the likes! With having almost no time because of school/ holiday prep, this has been a shockingly S-L-O-W process.... but I am proud to say I HAVE TAKEN PICTURES!!!!!! (Yes, thank you, thank you, I know- a proud moment indeed)

 This is all of the shoes, clothes, and accessories I could find up until this picture was taken (about and hour and a half's worth of searching through bins and boxes galore) in addition to a few hangers. Very little was actually organized at this point, just piled into different categories. The shoes were already paired up, however.

 This is a full view of the chaos that was surrounding a small part of my basement- you couldn't walk through the area without stepping on a teeny-tiny shoe or doll dress! In the upper right corner, you see my storage tower- but more about that later. In the meantime, try and absorb this delightful display of utterly organized chaos (okay, well kinda, sorta, a little bit organized chaos)

 These are my dolls! (Sorry about the nudity- but, c'mon, there dolls, right?) anyways, from left to right: Rivkah (JLY 26), Samantha (JLY 44), and Rebecca (Historical). I thoroughly brushed all their hair, and straightened the hair of my two JLY's. My JLY's also got trimmed, as the ends were bugging me. Rebecca didn't get a trim or straighten, but instead I hand-re-curled her hair. They look MUCH better now...!!

 Furniture and pets. I have Coconut (JLY dog), Licorice (JLY cat- discontinued) and Penny, Felicity's horse (Historical- discontinued) Most of the furniture is from Target (I don't know where there stores are. I know America, and possibly Canada?) from an AG Doll knockoff brand "Our Generation", except for the locker (gift from friend), wheelchair (AG) and suitcase (AG).

This is my organized AG storage tower. I have the triple bunk bed (JLY- discontinued) with the pouch organizers that came with it, as well as the beds made using the bedding that came with it. The thing you see sticking out of the top pouch is AG brand sunscreen (no idea when/what it came from/with). The banner hanging of the right side of the middle bed post came with the beds.
Under the beds are the purple storage boxes that also came with the bunk bed. They all contain various items and accessories, mostly hair stuff and the likes, although I haven't put away most of the accessories I showed you earlier.
Underneath that is the white drawer. All of my JLY clothes are stored in here (and trust me, there is a lot in that drawer!)
The bins I got from Target a LONG time ago, but they fit under here, so I figured "why not!" The yellow one (not shown here, but in my 1st and 2nd pictures) holds shoes- there is nothing organized about that bin, bit I know that every shoe in there should have a match, because I already paired all of them up. The green bin holds Rebecca's clothing, accessories, and shoes, all folded neatly to fit. The Purple bin is filled with extra bedding and stuffed animals for the beds. I do like to change the bedding, and have extra just incase.
TIP: Knockoff brands carry bedding really cheap- I got a fold-out bed (4th picture, under the suitcase) with a blanket and three pillows for around ten bucks. The bed is very good for when another doll stays over, or for dolls that are staying with me temporarily, as I often fix/style my friends' dolls' hair and the doll stays the weekend.

I hope that I will be finished with this process very soon, and when I am I will take detailed pictures of everything! (Inside the bins, the layout, you know...) I also hope that I will be able to get McKenna's entire collection and include it with my organization!!
TIP: Parents will be more likely to spend money/ allow you to have more AG stuff if you take good care of what you already own! That's part of the reason I organized; I want to show my mom how much my AG stuff means to me, and how well I take care of my stuff, as well as my (hopefully) future AG stuff.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this post- can't wait to post with more!! Bye for now!

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