May 3, 2012

Doll School

Hello guys! I know I'm only posting like once a month, and I feel bad about it, but I'll try and post more often if I can! I've just been SOOOOO busy! Thank goodness school's almost over!

Anyways, just wanted to tell you about a little (well, actually pretty big) craft/project/doll play I came up with last night. It's like American Girl's book, Doll School, only I found a BUNCH of free printouts for teachers and home-schoolers online ( and decided to save a bunch of them, then copy and paste them into Microsoft Word, and make them smaller, and therefore doll sized!

It took a bunch of paper, and a bit of time (31 pages and about an hour), but they just printed and I'm so excited! I also got some blank Facebook-style pages that I can fill out with my dolls information and hang up!

This is perfect for anyone who wants to play teacher, but doesn't want to spend tons of money on craft kits! After you cut everything out, you can organize by subject, per student (I used two copies of each- two students) and keep in an envelope.

When you want to play "school" you can take out a specific subject and choose the lesson you want to teach. Also if you want, you can have your dolls sit around a computer while you read them facts about what they're learning. You can even give them a quiz on it!

For instance, I copied a paper with questions on volcanoes. I went to and typed in each of those questions. When I found the answer I wrote it into a word document and "presented" it to my dolls. They then took a quiz on it, with the paper I got the questions from.

Another thing they have on is papers with a picture at the top. The object is to write a paper about whatever the picture is. (i.e. picture of a butterfly= write about butterflies/insects) You can google "Kids fact sheets about _________________" and find whatever you need to about that subject to teach it and write a paper about.

Print things like awards for reading, completing units, doing community service, or having a birthday. You can then give them to your doll when they "complete" these things! You can even take pictures, upload them to your computer, and print them out with the certificates! (These can be found at

Find small "teacher reward" stickers at a local drug store or dollar store. The next time your doll does super on a paper, give them a sticker to show them you're proud!

Hope you guys all love the new teaching idea!

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