May 25, 2012

New McKenna Things and Quick Summer News...

Hello everyone! I know it's probablly a little late to announce, but I thought I would anyways...

THERE'S A NEW McKENNA GAME OUT! It's called McKenna's High Spin, and McKenna is on the bar! The goal of the game is to try and go as high as you can and collect points as fast as possible. It's a timed game, but you can earn more time by collecting the time symbols. It's a rather simple game, but I found myself really enjoying it! It's something you can play when you have a spare five minutes or so, or just for fun anytime!

Since we're talking about McKenna, I thought i'd mention there's a trailer out for the new movie! Looks good! I'm not gonna be able to see it on T.V. opening night, but I'll rent it when I get home and for sure let everyone know what I think!

Last but not least, the Apple Store has released a new game featuring McKenna! It's similar to the online game, except McKenna is on the beam and not the bar. I haven't played it yet, but as soon as I finish downloading it I will tell you how it is! It looks pretty fun!
The game is free and available in the App Store. I don't know if they'll be coming out with a version for the android market, but I'll be sure to post if I hear anything!
That's it for now! I'll be posting in the beginning of June most likely, but won't be able to post again until late August/ early September! If I don't post until then, have a great summer!! See you in the fall!!! And keep looking for things on!! I'll do a major missed-it-over-the-summer update when I can post again!

Bye!!! :)

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