Dec 25, 2012

Girl of the Year Saige Copeland is Revealed!

Hi Everyone!!!!

First off- Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate! I hope everyone is having/ has had/ will have a wonderful holiday season! 

Being that 2013 begins in only ONE WEEK, I thought it was finally time to reveal GOTY 2013: (all pictures taken from unless otherwise noted)


Isn't she pretty?! Saige has long wavy/curly medium brown hair, light skin, freckles, and blue eyes. She will also be the first Girl-of-the-Year to come with her ears pierced.

A few of Saige's items have even been released as well:

Saige (Book 1): "When Saige learns that her school will be cutting music and art lessons at her school she plans a fundraiser to help keep them. She looks to her grandmother and later a new friend for help." - taken from (Written By: Jessie Haas; Illustrated By: Sarah Davis)
Saige Paints the Sky (Book 2): "Saige is missing her grandmother. She takes comfort in painting and riding her favorite horse. These activities also give her an idea for funding her elementary school's art program. Now she needs a way to keep the horse from being sold".- taken from  (Written By: Jessie Haas; Illustrated By: Sarah Davis)

 Saige's Meet Outfit: Royal blue dress with navajo print design, brown slouch boots, and possibly a ring. Her hair comes in a loose side braid.

Saige's Accessories: I'm not quite sure what the accessories are yet- possibly a shawl, bracelet, and small book of some sort?

 Outfit from Saige Paints the Sky (Book 2): Pink embroidered one-shoulder dress, gold cowboy boots, and a necklace.

 Saige's (school?) outfit: A white top, jeans or leggings, sandals, and a navajo print ruffle sweater.
 Saige's Pajamas: A graphic tee, printed shorts, slippers, and hair ties.
Saige's riding outfit: a floral top, jeans, pink belt, and floral embroidered boots.

 Hot Air Balloon from Saige Paints the Sky (Book 2): Hot air balloon , messenger bag, map, binoculars, and a few other accessories.
 Jewelry and purse: I'm not sure what this is going to be exactly?! Looks like a purse, two necklaces, and two sets of earrings.
Saige's Easel: Wooden easel, paintings, paintbrushes, paint palate, sketches, sketchbook, and a few other accessories.

Saige's Horse and Saddle: White and grey speckled horse with blonde mane and tail, bridle (headpiece). Sold separately is a black saddle. (It's rumored the horse's name is Georgia)

Express Yourself: "Find out what your art reveals about you. Questions, quizzes, and quick art projects will help you explore and express your feelings. Don't worry about being perfect. Just have fun." -taken from Also, on the corner of the cover they have the reference tab to Saige and her story.

Hope you all LOVE Saige, GOTY 2013!! I think she's awesome, except one thing: She's JUST LIKE Nikki, GOTY 2007! Especially in her relaxing outfit, and because she has a horse just like Nikki did!!

I think they look extremely similar... but that also might just be me! Saige's hair is definitely darker/ thicker, but besides that they have almost the exact same features!

Alright- Well, have a happy holidays everyone!! Hope everyone is also having a great winter vacation- if your on break yet?! I am and I am LOVING it!! Haha, write later!

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  1. I have the Saige doll and I would love to see the prices of everything! :-)